New Yacht Construction

Clients considering purchasing or upgrading to a new yacht should consider the many exceptional benefits that come with new yacht construction FrenchRivieraYachts can assist any yacht enthusiast whowishes to explore the innovative market of new yacht construction. Although having a personalized yacht carefully designed, built, and tailored to one’s every desire is a time-consuming process, the incredible product is worth every moment of the wait.

The World’s Best Yacht Designers and Builders

FrenchRivieraYachts works with an international network of top yacht designers and builders that specialize in the most elite superyacht, megayacht, and gigayacht deck plans. Clients can be connected with yacht designers and builders in any part of the world they wish to explore.
FrenchRivieraYachts is associated with top-of-the-line yacht shipyards, such as Amels in the Netherlands, Fincantieri Yachts in Italy, and Blohm+Voss in Germany FrenchRivieraYachts also works with the most luxurious exterior and interior yacht designers that create the most iconic and breathtaking superyachts on the water today. New build yachts are constructed with the finest materials on the market and come complete with the latest high-tech amenities. The possibilities are limitless for the designs clients can select to make their luxurious dream yacht like no other.

Superyachts can be designed and built to gigayacht lengths of over 100 meters. Clients can work directly with yacht builders and designers to create high-performance motor-driven yachts, or majestic sail-driven yachts for a powerful experience that is custom designed to suit their every need. In addition to being fully crewed with professional service staff, amenities as exclusive as elevators, underwater glass lounges, infinity pools, and movie theaters can be designed into the new build for entertaining guests with the ultimate yachting experience.

New Yacht Construction Process

Many intricate details go into the new yacht construction process. Multiple parties are involved through every step of the process to make sure the new yacht construction goes smoothly and succeeds beyond expectation FrenchRivieraYachts will connect clients with the most knowledgeable yacht brokers in the business to provide assistance with organizing investments. Every interest of the client will be honored, from the initial planning stages to the final delivery stage.
The initial planning stage is where every bit of the magic begins FrenchRivieraYachts ensures that clients are connected with the most reputable builders and designers for a smooth and professional planning process. Highly skilled project managers will help organize construction requirements as well a budget and timeline that work best for the client.
Yacht design proposals are sent to an exclusive network of builders across the superyacht industry. Once the client has selected the desired yacht designer and shipyard, FrenchRivieraYachts provides assistance with documentation and contract finalization. Project managers carefully supervise the yacht construction process every step of the way to ensure that every detail of the client’s design specifications and project budget are followed. Mechanical and safety requirements will be of the highest priority to ensure that all yachts are compliant with Class and Flag standards.

The final stages of construction are completed and inspected with the client’s wishes and the highest structural standards in mind. Upon completion, the superyacht is put to test out at sea to confirm proper operation and locate any mechanical issues. Once clientsarefully satisfied with the delivery of their new yacht, they are ready to travel to the most beautiful international destinations in prestigious style.