Luxury Yachts for Sale

A Luxury yacht for very enthusiast – at French Riviera Yachts, we offer luxury yachts to be enjoyed by yacht enthusiasts from all corners of the world. We bring luxury yachts to a variety of international clients, mainly in the Mediterranean; the French Riviera, Monaco, and the Italian Riviera. With connections to networks of professional luxury yacht owners, brokers, builders, our clients have direct access to the best yacht selection available on the market. French Riviera Yachts is the leading marketplace for the finest motor yachts and sail yachts, including superyachts and gigayachts. We offer pre-owned and newly constructed luxury yachts that come complete with the latest technologies and luxury amenities. With a wide selection of luxury yachts crafted by the finest builders and designers, French Riviera Yachts has a yacht to match all tastes and lifestyles.

Embark Upon a Life of Luxury

It has been said that the luxury yachting experience inspires the ultimate feeling of freedom. Whether far out at sea, gliding down the river, or sailing along the shoreline, yachting is a truly majestic lifestyle where one can get away from it all and get back to nature. There is nothing like enjoying the shining sun on the deck of a luxury yacht in the cool ocean air. Floating out in the privacy of the calm blue waters of an exotic destination is one of many tranquil experiences the luxury yachting lifestyle has to offer.

Most of all, the luxury yachting lifestyle is exquisitely fun. Countless memories can be made enjoying the many divine amenities of yachting with friends and family. Fun features, such as relaxing beach clubs, swimming pools, outdoor dining areas, day spas, and fully equipped movie theaters, bring endless possibilities for the adventures that can be had as clients sail their luxury yachts to any destination in the world they wish to explore. Elegant deck plans give the luxury yachts the ambiance and comfort of a five-star hotel, while the top-quality construction provides interiors and exteriors as strong as they are magnificent.

Expertise, Comfort and Security

French Riviera Yachts offers assistance and guidance for every step of the purchasing experience, from selecting the perfect yacht to ensuring maximum value and client satisfaction. The highest client comfort and security are guaranteed with industry leading yachting professionals. All yacht brokers, yacht builders, yacht designers or yacht captains’ are carefully preselected and matched based on required expertise, experience and other criteria for each individual client.