Superyachts for Charter

French Riviera Yachts is the leading yacht charter marketplace that connects clients with the best superyachts available for charter in the Mediterranean and other parts of the world. Clients wishing to depart from the French Riviera, Monaco or from the Caribbean will find the right vessel for luxurious vacations or exciting events.
Wind-powered or high-performance motor-driven options are available for superyacht charters depending upon the memorable experience the client wishes to have. Superyacht charters come with a full, highly trained crew that is responsible for all yacht operations and providing personal service to clients.

Superyachts for Charter on the French Riviera

Located in the Mediterranean on the breathtaking coast of Southeastern France, the French Riviera offers an incredible vacation experience. Chartering a superyacht on the French Riviera opens clients up to beaches lined with elegant resorts, fine French cuisine, and spectacular yachting ports. Located between the classic French town of Provence and the glamour of the Côte d’Azur, the city of St. Tropez is a phenomenal destination. Clients can enjoy charming harbor cafes, stroll along the historic countryside, enjoy luxury shopping, and celebrate life with their families.
The French Riviera is home to the world-famous Cannes Film Festival, a cinematic event held every May that attracts many of the most interesting people in the world. There are countless superyacht charter opportunities for the Cannes Film Festival. Sailing the French Riviera upon a prestigious superyacht charter is the perfect way to enjoy the star-studded event. Clients can immerse themselves and be seen at extravagant yacht celebrations. Superyachting offers the most luxurious accommodation for exploring the fantastic climate, scenery, and celebrity events the French Riviera has to offer.

Superyacht for Charter in Monaco

The small but grand city-state of Monaco is the heart of the elite superyachting industry. F.R.Y. can bring clients into a world of superyacht, megayacht, and gigayacht charter opportunities in Monaco throughout every season. Monaco is home to the top superyachting professionals, brokers, and charter agents. With dazzling ports fit for royalty, Monaco can accommodate the biggest and wealthiest vessels.
Every year, the most elite yachting enthusiasts mark their calendars for world-class events, such as the exciting Monaco Grand Prix, held every May, where F1 cars race at incredible speeds along the streets of Monaco. The adrenaline continues with glamorous nightlife spots and fine restaurants throughout the principality that host celebrations such as the New Year’s Eve party in the legendary Golden Casino Square. Clients can enjoy the elegance of the Monaco Yacht Club, which is among the best in the world, and see some of the finest superyachts at the exclusive Monaco Yacht Show held every September.