Shopping for a luxury yacht  is a personalised experience.  You want to feel comfortable that the builders and design team understand your vision and your needs.  Whether you want to design a completely custom craft or add your own design to a proven platform, you will be satisfied with these top yacht builders from around the world.

Lürssen – Bremen, Germany

The title for the longest super yacht belongs to MY Azzam (180.6m), which was built by Lürssen.  The company also holds the claim to building the world’s first motor yacht in 1886.  This family owned shipyard is based in Bremen, Germany and has built over 13,000 ships.  They work out of five shipyards and specialise in vessels ranging from 60m to 220m.  Their work includes new builds, refits, repairs, and general maintenance.   Additional ships they have built include Octopus (126m), Rising Sun (138m), and Dilbar (156m).

Blohm & Voss – Hamburg, Germany

Blohm & Voss is a German shipbuilder with a reputation for building custom mega yachts and naval ships.  Their shipyard includes seven docks that can accommodate ships up to 351m in long and 59m wide.  In addition to building motor and sailing yachts, the company is also equipped to handle refits and repairs.  Founded in 1877, the company has built a variety of vessel including ocean liners, passenger ships, private yachts, and warships.  Today they are known for having built two of the world’s largest motor super yachts, Eclipse (162.5m) and Dubai (162m)

Feadship – Netherlands

Feadship, which stands for First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders, is known for building custom luxury yachts. The builders at Feadship are recognised for its technological capabilities, classic tiered superstructures and, and clipper bow yachts.  Based in the Netherlands, the company was launched in 1949 and now has over 250 ships on the sea.  They currently work out of four shipyards and have the capabilities to build motor yachts up to 160m long.  Their builds include Venus (79m), Savannah (83.5m), Madame Gu (99m), and Symphony (105m).

Heesen – Netherlands

Hessen stands behind their motto, “The Performance of Luxury,” with a focus on technology, quality, and innovation.  The company was founded in 1978 and boasts that each of the yachts they have built is completely unique.  As a leader in the building of aluminium super yachts, Hessen specialises in builds ranging from 30m up to 80m, but they do have the capability to build larger ships upon request.  With over 170 ships in navigation, their builds include aluminium, steel, displacement, and semi-displacement yachts.  Heesen is the builder of Galatica Star (65m), Galatica Super Nova (70m), and Serenity (55m).

Perini Navi – Viareggio, Italy

Founded in 1983 by Fabio Perin, the Perini Navi Group is made up of four companies accommodating a variety of markets.  The group builds sail yachts of 40 metres and above, racing sailing yachts, cruising sailing yachts, and Picchiotti motor yachts.  With a focus on sailing yachts, Perini Navi has built more sailing ships over 50 metres than any other builder.  They have completed 57 sailing yachts and three motor yachts.  Their notable and award-winning vessels include Maltese Falcon (88m), Grace E (73m), Galileo G (55m), and Exuma (50m).

Amels – Vlissingen,Holland

Amels is known for their speed in delivering limited edition super yachts and custom luxury yachts.  Since 1982, the company has launched more than 60 ships, operating out of one of the largest super yacht shipyards in the Netherlands.  Built on the proven SeaAxe platform, Amels offers six models between 55 to 83m with exteriors designed by the renowned Tim Heywood. They are responsible for building Here Comes the Sun (83m), Elixir (55m), Plvs Vltra (73.5m), and Madame Kate (60m).

Christensen – Vancouver, WA, USA

After failing to find a shipbuilder that met his needs, Dave Christensen began building his own yacht in 1982.  Today he leads the company in building luxury yachts measuring up to 65 metres.  Specialising in composite fibrerglass hulls, the Christensen includes full and semi-custom super yachts ranging from 35 to 50 metres.  The team is working to open a larger shipyard in Tennessee that will accommodate ships up 70 metres.  Their fleet of over 35 vessels includes Silver Linings (50m) and Casino Royale (50m).

Oceanco – Monacoand Netherlands

Oceanco operates their design and administrative offices out of Monaco, while their shipyard is based in the Netherlands.The company has been building custom super yachts measuring 80 to 140 metres in length since early 1990.  Known for their personalised and attentive service, their in-house design team works in conjunction with noted designers such as Terence Disdale, Nuvolari-Lenard, Espen Øino, Sam Sorgiovanni, Igor Lobanov, Tim Heywood and Andrew Winch to create award-winning yachts.  Oceanco built Indian Empress (95m), Alfa Nero (82m), Nirvana (88.5m), and Equanimity (91.5).

Mariotti – Genova, Italy

What began in 1928 as a ship repair operation has turned into the luxury yacht company, T.Mariotti.  The company is focused on setting new benchmarks in the industry with their innovation and craftsmanship.  All T.Mariotti ships adhere to the highest standards and meet strict environmental certifications.  The shipyard supports owners throughout each vessel’s life with services that include maintenance, refits, and technical adaptations. Vessels built at the T.Mariotti shipyard include Fulk Al Salamah (164m), My Rahil (54m), and Sea Force One (54m)

Silver Yachts – Perth, Australia

Silver Yachts builds high performance, efficient aluminium vessels on spec.  Working with designer Espen Øeino their ships feature a distinctive design with a narrow beam and streamlined profile. Silver Yacht boats are known for their speed, particularly the Silver Fast (76.8m) which can reach up to 27 knots and has a range of 6,000 miles at its optimal cruising speed of 14 knots. Other ships built by Silver Yachts include Silver Shadow (85m), Silver Global (100m), and Smeralda (77m).

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