Dynamiq GTT 115 – The new Superyacht Designed by Porsche

Porsche lovers now have a chance to own a superyacht designed by Porsche.  Monegasque yacht builder Dynamiq Yachts and Studio F.A. Porsche have come together to create an exclusive category of aluminium superyachts.  Their current project, the GTT 115, is a 35m yacht being built in Viareggio, Italy. GTT stands for Grand Turismo Transatlantic.

Fully Customisable Dynamiq GTT 115

This joint collaboration has resulted in a new generation of superyachts. Now buyers who are used to customisingluxury cars, have the opportunity to customise their superyacht.  The GTT line is fully configurable with multiple options for everything from exterior paint colour to electronics.  The interactive design system automatically tracks the total cost and provides an estimated delivery date.

Porsche Sporty and Luxurious Design 

The exteriors of these shipsare designed by Studio F.A. Porsche to be sporty yet chic.  Paint options include traditional Porsche colourssuch as the signature Porsche Carrara White, Rhodium Silver, Chalk, and custom Monte Carlo Blue.The exterior design is reminiscent of a Porsche with its refined lines and the Targa-style mullions.  Even the transom design reflects the Mission E concept. The sophisticated interior is designed byItalian brand Minotti.The cabins are timeless and luxurious, featuring leather, carbon fibre detailing, and Sahara Noir marble.

Amenities abound to provide an extraordinarily comfortable experience.  Electronic stabilisers and a unique hull design minimise rocking. An advanced air conditioning system not only cools, but purifies that air.  The interior is designed to reduce noise and vibrations.  Even when you are on deck, there are wind shields and heaters to maintain a comfortable environment.

High Performance Superyacht

Those looking for yachts designed by luxury car brands also expect a high-performance ship.  The GTT line combines the perfect blend of speed and comfort.  With their efficient hulls, these all aluminium vessels have a top speed of 20 knots and a 3,000-mile range. The shallow draft of 1.7 metres makes the GTT more manoeuvrable in shallow bays and anchorages.

The New GTT Line of Yachts

This innovative collaboration between Dynamiq Yachts and Studio F.A. Porsche is targeting a new segment in the yacht market.  Those looking for a smaller, yet still luxurious superyacht, need to look no further than the new GTT line of yachts.


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